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这首歌叫 Straight To Number One来自Vanessa Lancaster ,送上附件,你听听

Lay It All On Me - Rudimental, Ed Sheeran All alone as you look through the door Nothing left to see If it hurts and you can't take no more Lay it all on me No you don't have to keep it on a locking key Cause I will never let y...

we can't stop miley cyrus

Melodies-Madison Beer Woah ooooh Yeah Yeah I hear melodies in my head Find little notes in my bed I’ve got songs tangled up in my hair I see piano keys everywhere My heart is a beating drum Repeating my favorite song I hear Bee...

Joel Adams -Pleas Don·t Go我找了很久才找到

楼主现在可找到了? 告诉下

Burl Ives - The man on the flying trapeze He floats through the air With the greatest of ease. The daring young man on the flying trapeze. His movements are graceful All the girls he does please And my love he has stolen away. ...

《Es Rappelt Im Karton》 - Pixie Paris 是不是这首歌???

Lenka----- Dangerous And Sweet 去搜一下,是不是这首歌,个人比较喜欢

Uptown funk

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