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百度问咖 教育专家做你的专属学习顾问 立即体验 less than的用法 请解释清楚 回答 .. 热心网友 1分钟前 0 0 分享 修改回答 less than 后面接形容词、副词时,意为不;很少;不到,具有否定意义。例如: a) We were busy and less than delighte...

less than [词典]不足; 以内; 小于,决不; 没有; [网络]小于; 不到; 少于; [例句]The marriage had lasted for less than two years. 这段婚姻维持了不到两年。

你的题可不是“弱智”题,而是有相当难度的题。在你的例句中,Employment costs rose 2.8 percent in the 12 months that ended in September, slightly less/lower than they did in the year that ended in the previous quarter. 到底选 less t...

举例: less than 7,表示<7 not more than 7,表示≤7

传统语法将这两种用法规定为 fewer than 用于可数名词,而 less than 用于不可数名词: There are fewer students at present than we expected. We need less water than what we have planned for. 但是,实际生活中 less than 也用于可数名词...

一、 more than 1. more than 可放在数词之前,意为“超过;不止;以上”,用于此意义时可与 over 互换使用。例如: Altogether more than 70 percent of the surface of our planet is covered by water. 整体说来,我们这个星球表面有 70% 以上...

少于。 所以是不包含

不等于 smaller than是讲大孝规模;less than是数量上的比较

fewer than 用于可数名词,比如 fewer than five students 不到5个学生 less than 用于不可数名词,比如 pure water is less than sea water 纯净水比海水少 fewer than 用于可数名词,比如 fewer than five students 不到5个学生 less than 用于不...

都可 根据 英汉多功能词典 less than通常与不可数名词连用,可数名词有fewer than. 但在口语中,有时用less代替fewer He has less foreign stamps than me.

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